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Retail real estate investments

Too often you hear a phrase that is commonly used and you have a rough idea what it means without fully grasping its proper definition. For many, commercial real estate may be one that is widely talked about but not always understood.

In fact, it is an umbrella term that covers many categories of real estate. So let’s move away from the headlines and look at how commercial retail real estate can be part of your investment strategy.

Most of us have happily indulged in retail therapy, but how many of us have considered investing in a retail real estate?

Maybe you currently lease a shop or you want to diversify your investment portfolio. Either way, retail real estate is one of the largest and most diverse sectors of the commercial property market and well worth a look at.

What is retail real estate?

First things first, what actually is retail real estate? Put simply, retail properties are used exclusively to market and sell consumer goods and services.

They range from shopping centres, individual stores.

Retail stores include everything from supermarkets, dry-cleaners, cafes, florists, pharmacies, bike shops, fashion stores and so on.

The good news about retail property investment
Retail property offers investors great opportunities for solid returns. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • High yields
  • Long leases
  • Low maintenance
  • Retail can be a tough business
  • Expensive to invest